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Kangaroo Kite is Peru’s most dedicated kitesurfing school on the best spot!

We’re all about teaching kiteboarding in a safe and fun way. All of our instructors are IKO certified and the school is fully insured. We use modern and new equipment and have rescue boats and instructors available at all time to help. We are located on the edge of the Paracas National Park one of the best kitesurfing spots on the West Coast of Latin America. We get around 330 days a year of kiteable winds, averaging 20 knots in the afternoons, making it one of the world’s prime kiting destinations. We offer equipment rentals for all and guided kitesurfing tours into the Paracas National Reserve for the more experienced kite surfers.

How to get here

  • Paracas is 250km south of Lima

Driving from Lima:

  • Directly from Lima to Paracas via the Southern Pan American Highway (3-4 hours)

Bus from Lima:

Private Taxi & Shuttles from Lima:

  • Private pickup (contact us for more details)

  • Taxi (2-4 people): $40 per person

  • Shuttle (4-12 people): $30 per person

Where to stay 

Stay at the Bamboo Paracas Resort 

    • Swimming pool

    • Closest spot to the kiting action

    • Restaurant and bar

    • Trailer apartments 

      For more information contact:

    • +51 980494342


The Team

Hayden Halsted

Hayden Halsted is a level 1 certified IKO instructor from Australia

Vicki Halsted

Vicki Halsted is our marketing and business operations manager.

Santiago Jost

Santiago Jost is a level 2 certified IKO instructor from Argentina

Juan Lena

Juan Lena is the manager of the school, our Argentinian Head Instructor IKO kiteboarder instructor.

Agos Talpo

Agostina (Agos) Talpo is our Argentinian school manager and deals with the class timetables.

Sammy & JellyFish

Sammy is our Australian assistance manager and web page programmer, whilst JellyFish is our little KK mascot.

Billy Halsted

Billy Halsted is our IKO (well, all most!) head assistant instructor.

Call for a booking now!

For Spanish or English: +51 940 472 094 or +51 986725376