Kitesurf course

Our main objective is to teach kiteboarding in a safe and fun way


We offer new rental kitesurfing equipment and guided kite trips within the Natural Reserve

Kite trips

Join us in a Kite trip within the Paracas nature reserve and sail in unique spots with stunning landscapes


Information about the Kangaroo Kite House and the accommodation to enjoy Paracas

Why Kangaroo?

Experience the unique way of kitesurfing. Find out more and why we are different to other Kitesurfing schools.


Our one week kitesurf camp is the perfect getaway to learn how to kiteboard and improve your skills. Find out more about

Kitesurfing lessons in Paracas


Our main objective is to teach kiteboarding in a safe and fun way. All of our instructors are certified by the International Kitesurfing Organization (IKO) and the school is insured. The equipment we use is the latest model and we also have a rescue boat and instructors available at all times to help.

Kite Club!

Our exclusive club in the facilities of KangarooKite gives you access to great benefits!
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Where is Kangarookite located?

Find us in Paracas – Ica – Peru

For more information you can contact us directly at +51 986725376 or +51 940 472 094

Where is Paracas?

Paracas is 250km south of Lima

By car

Right on the South Pan-American Highway (2.5 to 3hs)

By bus

Take a bus at the Cruz Del Sur terminal in Javier Prado in Lima. Price approx. 20usd. (4hs)

In taxi

Private transfers cost approximately 130usd. Contact us for more information. (2.5 to 3 hours)

Kangaroo kite is the best place to learn

Paracas is a paradise of flat waters located only 3 hours south of Lima. The conditions are perfect for learning kitesurfing: constant winds, large beaches, flat waters with very few people and the safety of the bay will help you learn and improve your kitesurfing in a very short time!


Hayden Halsted

Hayden Halsted
Get to know Hayden Halsted, our Mr Handy Man. Hayden is in charge of all the maintenance done around Kangaroo Kite. Hayden was born in Australia...

Vicki Halsted

Vicki Halsted
Meet Vicki Halsted, our Marketing Manager-Business Operations. Cabrinha Dealer. She comes from Australia and makes sure that the school always has...

Juan Lena

Juan Lena
Meet Juancho Lena, the Manager-Head Instructor-IKO Level 3-Kangaroo Kite social media expert. He comes from Argentina and is in charge of...

Agos Talpo

Agos Talpo
Meet Agos TaIpo, the manager and accountant for Kangaroo Kite. Although she is Argentine she approaches the business with a German strict like...

Billy Halsted

Billy Halsted
Meet Billy Halsted (aka Billy Boy), our on personal Baywatcher. He is Australian and an IKO Assistant. Billy Boy manages the rescue boat and saves...

Sammy & JellyFish

Sammy & JellyFish
Meet Sammy, our Australian web programmer and Jelly Fish, CEO of Kangaroo Kite Peru. Jelly is a boss of few words, always calm but making sure...


Meet Kainoa, Vice President of the Canine Patrol. Kai is in charge of guarding the area_ Even sometimes she does not go back to the school for...


Outstanding earrings in paracas, better in paracas! WE HAD 5 amazing days there! The staff is very friendly and is always looking for you to have a great time in and out of the water! New cabrinha team, save a flat water place with plenty of space for everyone! You definitely have to go there when you are in paracas! And do not miss the kitesafaris !!!!

Anni Röhdlaw

Incredible experience. This is the only school I would like to use in Paracas, you learn a lot here. Thanks!

Matty Moore

What a beautiful experience! Good school and good people. The instructors are qualified and passionate. I just discovered kite surfing here and I love it. Thank you?

James Murphy

Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and there’s a perfect country to kitesurf: Peru. This place is now considered an excellent spot because of its wonderful beaches for kitesurfing practice. The most famous place where you can kitesurf in Peru is Paracas Bay, located in the southern department of Ica and 260 kilometers (162 miles) from Lima. Here visitors find beautiful landscapes and 330 days of good wind to sail, with an average of 20 knots in the afternoon –what makes it a fantastic destination for kitesurfing. And Kangaroo Kite is the best kitesurfing school you will find in Paracas. Our services include private or semi-private para surfing lessons, equipment rental, kite trips, and kite camps –all of which is made under experienced instructors’ supervision.

Is kitesurfing only for the young and fit? Certainly not. When you are surfing with a kite, the harness takes the weight off of the arms and upper body, and it is never an issue for older riders with back problems. Besides that, it definitely has lots of benefits for health due to the use of the whole body. The legs are used to control the board and push against the power of the kite whereas the torso, especially the abs and arms are used to hold onto the kite and keep the rider’s balance.

In Kangaroo Kite, our main objective is to teach kiteboarding in a safe and fun way. That’s why we offer kitesurfing lessons with certified instructors by the International Kitesurfing Asociation (IKO) and we use the latest 2018/2019 equipment. There are instructors available at all times to help and a safe boat. We also offer a kite trip to discover Paracas nature as well as a one-week kitesurfing camp, which is the best plan to learn how to kitesurf and improve your skills. And of course, there are different accommodation options: The Kangaroo Kite House, a luxury house for a group of up to 10 people just 400 meters from the main spot; the Bamboo Paracas Resort, which has a pool, restaurant, bicycles and stand up paddle boarding as well as some hostels in the town.

We are here for you to become a great kitesurfer. We have experienced and enthusiastic instructors concerned about your safety and who also want you to have fun. New equipment, great staff, and excellent services make Kangaroo Kite your best option in Paracas.