There are different accommodation options in Paracas, Peru

1) Kangaroo Kite House

This luxury house is available for a group of up to 10 people and is just 400 meters from the main spot. The villa is very spacious and inviting. It is located in a condominium which has a common area that contains a pool and places to relax. This place has an outdoor area, with a BBQ. Its location is perfect as it is really close to the Kangaroo Kite School -located on the beach- and a 10 min drive away from the town. The reservations can be made through Airbnb. If you decide to experience our amazing one-week kitesurfing camp, you will learn not only to kitesurf or improve your skills but you will also have an amazing time as the service includes accommodation at this modern comfortable house.


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2) Bamboo Paracas Resort

2)If you are looking for a kite beach hotel, Bamboo Paracas offers many eco bungalows with a pool, restaurant, bicycles and stand up paddle boarding equipment available. It is located next to Kangaroo Kite School.

3) Hostels in Paracas

Do you want other options besides regular hotels in Paracas – Ica? There different accommodation alternatives in the town. Contact us if you want a recommendation for a hostel based on your preferences. more info

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